Why SPC Click Flooring?

Why SPC Click Flooring?

01/03/2022 4:29:59 PM | 698

1. What is Waterproof SPC Floor?


SPC flooring is best known for being 100% waterproof. It is luxury vinyl flooring amped up a notch with a special waterproof core that makes it perfect for just about any room in the house.


SPC is the best of the best in the vinyl flooring world and hugely popular amongst homeowners looking for the look of traditional hardwood without the maintenance. It is also one of the most popular flooring options for commercial spaces and businesses. 


It’s beautiful and low maintenance. And, as a woman, I can admit – that’s not very common!


SPC is flooring industry lingo for Stone Plastic Composite. Sometimes, it also means #flooringgoals because no other floor has quite as many bells and whistles.


2. Benefits of Luxury SPC Flooring:


It’s 100% waterproof. I mean, this is the trademark of SPC. The only other floor that can claim to be 100% waterproof is glazed manmade tile.


Perfect for imperfect subfloors. Little known fact: because SPC is so thick and durable, it can hide an imperfect subfloor. I know, I know, you don’t care what the subfloor looks like. But do you care about dropping a bunch of extra money leveling it beforehand? With SPC, oftentimes, you won’t have to.


Realistic wood and stone looks. Seriously, vinyl is changing. Rapidly. The top-end vinyl floors are able to more realistically mimic natural materials better than ever before. SPC is the best of the best, which means the looks are usually incredibly convincing and beautiful.


More resilient than tile. It’s true, you could just get a wood or stone look tile and it would also be waterproof. But tile is hard. Standing on a tile floor all day isn’t great for your joints or feet. Vinyl is more resilient and much more comfortable.


Zero maintenance. All you need is the occasional vacuum and damp mop to keep your SPC looking fabulous.


Kiss the phthalates goodbye. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye. Our SPC is all phthalate-free.


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